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Cookson Precious Metals

The Precious Metals Processing division is a leading supplier of fabricated precious metals (primarily gold, silver and platinum) to the jewellery industry in the UK, France and Spain, and also has significant precious metal refining operations; each of its businesses has a reputation for high quality products and service, as well as for developing a close working relationship with customers. The division has 3 major manufacturing locations and around 1,300 employees.

With manufacturing operations in the UK, Spain and France, the division supplies gold and silver alloy, wire, sheets, tubing and casting grains and is also a major supplier of blanks for coins and medals to national mints around the world. The business also produces "findings", which are high quality carat gold, gold-filled and sterling silver jewellery components, such as clasps and beads.

With the ever-growing importance of corporate responsibility in raw materials sourcing and product manufacture, we have made a major investment in creating, launching and marketing Ecogold. It is visible commitment to providing a recycled alternative to newly mined gold.

Cookson EcoGold

100% Recycled 100% Traceable 100% Audited

About Ecogold When you buy Ecogold from Cookson Precious Metals you're purchasing a 100% recycled gold with none of the associated human or environmental problems that can sometimes be associated with mining, extraction and production. You're also buying gold whose origins will appeal to your customers - in an increasingly eco-aware global marketplace.
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